Our story

"We're a blank canvas - our life as cliche as it may sound is a 'work of art' in the way that we dress and act. Our babies should be no different!"

Agnes Fair Designs began in early 2018 when full-time mum and designer Nikki 
saw the lack of stylish prints and patterns for little ones that reflected the modern day parents' style and taste. More often than not the prints available are too child-like and generic - failing not only to withstand the test of time but also failing to represent the importance of one's unique sense of individuality and creative style. By combining this insight and her background in design, Agnes Fair Designs was born.

'Designed for babies, styled for parents.' Agnes Fair Designs is a family affair. All prints and patterns are designed by Nikki in Sydney, Australia, her husband Hayson is the business brain with her in-laws bringing the swaddle concept to life.  We hope you will not only enjoy what's currently available but also what's to come.  
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